10 Airbnb Host Tips to Help You Get Those 5 Star Ratings!

//10 Airbnb Host Tips to Help You Get Those 5 Star Ratings!

10 Airbnb Host Tips to Help You Get Those 5 Star Ratings!

Everyone wants great ratings for their Airbnb property—the more great reviews you have the more successful your Airbnb will be. The only way to get great reviews is to give your guests an amazing experience. If you’ve only just started renting out your property, you’re likely looking for ways to train your hosting muscle and make the most of this new avenue of income. The best way to do that is to get as many 5-star ratings as you can. So to help, here are ten tips that will get you those 5-star ratings:


#1 Under Promise and Over Deliver

Here’s a mantra to live by: under promise and over deliver. It’s one that will work in any area of your life, including your hosting. Make sure your description is accurate and does not embellish the property to the point that your guests will only ever be disappointed when they arrive. If your home comes with any quirks, ensure guests know about it prior to booking. If anything changes, ensure your guests are informed at the earliest point possible. Guests are usually accommodating, but they won’t be if they arrive and then discover that the only shower is stuck on one temperature, or that the apartment is actually above a noisy bar.


#2 Add a Personal Touch

Guests love to feel appreciated and the best way to show you care is by providing a personal touch. It will highlight that you’ve gone out your way to make them feel comfortable and welcome in your home. Things like a handwritten note, a local delicacy, homemade cookies, or even a bottle of wine to greet them upon arrival shows you care and will go a long way to making a guest feel welcome.


#3 Create a Unique Experience

One big reason why people choose an Airbnb over a traditional hotel is so they can experience something different and unique. Most of the time, hotels all feel and look the same. Creating a unique Airbnb is one great way to make your property stand out, which will result in more guests and more great reviews. If your property has any unique architecture, take advantage of it. Accentuate it with the right kind of lighting and furniture. You could even create a theme or furnish it with a strong stylistic identity. Guests want more than an empty room with a bed in it.


#4 Communication, Communication, Communication

This is the most important tip and will have the biggest impact on whether you get those 5-star reviews. It is so important to get communication with your guest correct. Make it personal—you’re not a robot and neither are they. Find some common ground, build rapport, and get some background information about their visit. Getting this information will help you tailor your home for their stay, as well as help screen for any potentially difficult guests. Also, it is extremely important that your rules and guidelines are clear, leaving no room for ambiguity. If the guests understand what they can and can’t do, you reduce the number of awkward conversations you have to have reminding them of the rules.


#5 The Guidebook

A guidebook for your property isn’t the be all and end all. However, if you’re aiming for those 5-star ratings, little things like providing a guidebook can really go a long way. It makes a great first impression when your guests arrive, as it will be one of the first things they see. You’ll empower your guests so that they can find out the answers to those frequently asked questions themselves. Additionally, you’ll be making sure that they truly get the full experience by providing them a guide of the local area. A happy guest equals higher ratings.


#6 The Little Things

Small details count. Guests really appreciate it when they feel the host has done everything to make sure they enjoy their stay. Little things like: providing a charging point on both sides of the bed, a selection of books to read, a toiletries bag just in case your guests forget something, or even providing some beach equipment so your guests don’t have to go out and buy it for the one week they need it. These all go a long way in keeping your guests happy.


#7 Amenities & Extras

Amenities and extras aren’t a necessity in Airbnb, but they do help add to a home’s luxury feel. It is always good to put yourself in your guest’s shoes and identify what amenities and extras they’d appreciate the most. If your guests are generally traveling on business, a coffee machine, working space, and the internet are most likely to tick their boxes. If you regularly get families with children, a gaming console, Netflix subscription, or even a foosball table can really make a difference to the guest.


#8 Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Having a clean Airbnb alone will not get you a 5-star review, but not having a clean Airbnb will all but guarantee that you’ll not get one. You can’t make excuses for not having a clean Airbnb. There’s no need to go into the basics of cleaning, but simple things like reducing clutter, having quick dry linen sheets, and making sure that there is a big enough window between guests will really help. The aim of cleaning your Airbnb should be to make the guests feel like they are the first to use the space.


#9 Smooth Check-Ins & Check-Outs

First impressions and last impressions weigh heavily on a guest’s mind when deciding whether to give you a 5-star review. This is why it is so important to make the check in and check out process as smooth and easy as possible. Having a key lockbox or digital lock will mean guests are able to arrive and leave whenever suits them. An important aspect is making sure your directions are as clear as possible. There’s nothing worse for a guest than having to arrive in the middle of the night, after a long drive or flight, and not being able to find the correct house.


#10 Ask for it!

This is by far the easiest tip to follow and one of the most effective. Simply asking guests for a 5-star review after their stay, especially if you’ve earned it, will remind the guest to leave one. As they say: if you don’t ask, you don’t get.


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